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Galilee Time – A Tale of Flavors and Love

Galilee Time Catering was formed through a unique partnership, friendship and bond between Riyadh Abrahim, from the Sajur Village and Amit Amiel from Kfar Tavor.


Amit, CEO of Team Tech, brings with him 20 years of experience in outdoor event-productions, corporate fun days, team building events, outdoor field trips, conferences and other events tailored for companies and organizations. 


Riyadh, a father of 11 children, comes from a deeply-rooted family in the Galilee region. He brings with him a wealth of culinary experience, including operating a restaurant which serves authentic, home cooked food and different outdoor catering services and events throughout the country. Riyadh is a people-loving person, who loves nature and the outdoors and is truly hospitable at heart. He and his sons contribute and are involved in special positions in the Israeli Defense System.

Riyadh is married to Sohila, the true spirit behind the special homemade dishes, which are prepared by loving, skilled hands. Sohila learned the secrets of the Galilean kitchen from her mother, who was known by the villagers and other local residents for her expertise in cooking fresh delicacies, based on strong flavors and aromas.

Our offering includes:

  • Kosher food certification.

  • Ministry of Health manufacturer license.

  • All the required insurances.

  • High-quality outdoor-nature events, organized with operational proficiency and excellence.

  • Gracious hospitality culture – delicious, authentic homemade cooking, as well as menus tailored to specific needs and wishes.

  • A home-cooking restaurant at the Sajur Druze Village – perfect for groups traveling in the Northern region of the country (located on the Akko-Zefat Road).

  • We are equipped to service small groups of 30 guests, as well as organize events for large groups, with hundreds of guests.

Amit and Riyadh formulated a shared belief system, centered on the following core values:

  • The love for all mankind and the celebration of life.

  • Hospitality culture that is gracious, giving and that will make you smile.

  • The passion for healthy cooking.

  • The goal to provide unique solutions for outdoor events, while utilizing high operational and culinary abilities.

  • The strive for excellence, while maintaining fair and reasonable prices.