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Private Events

  • A variety of menu options, tailored for personal preferences and budget, anywhere you choose to hold the event of your dreams.

  • Comprehensive services for events, ranging from the content and activities, to the level of equipment, seating solutions and the event production.

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings with meat or dairy menus – Galilean food stands. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Menu

Reception: up to 45 minutes

  • Stuffed vine leaves
  • Mini beef kubé
  • Green tahini
  • Home-pickled olives and pickles
  • From the taboon oven: freshly baked - authentic homemade pita bread in assorted flavors


Hot and cold salads – please choose 8

  • Cabbage salad with mint leaves and cranberries
  • Eggplant salad with lemon and garlic
  • Green leaf salad
  • Fire roasted eggplant with tahini
  • Fire roasted eggplant with tomatoes
  • Tabouli salad with pomegranate seeds
  • Galilean hummus
  • Seasoned vegetable salad
  • Potatoes with red bell peppers and cumin (served hot)
  • Roasted tomatoes with olive oil (served hot)
  • Zucchini salad with lemon and garlic (served hot)


Meat Entrées

  • Chicken pullet steak with garlic and olive oil or stuffed taboon-roasted chicken
  • Homemade grilled kebab or homemade siniya - kebab with tahini


Hot Sides

  • Lamb and chicken mansaf on a bed of seasoned rice and almonds
  • Galilean majadra; potatoes in olive oil and rosemary


Hot beverages prepared on an open fire: herbal tea, black coffee


Cold beverages: mint lemonade, lemonade and cold water


Desserts – please choose 2: baklava and wet palm dates / seasonal fruit


Extras at an additional cost:

  • High-quality espresso coffee cart
  • Soft drinks (Coca Cola and the like
  • Cold boutique beer stand (homemade boutique beer
  • Upgraded dessert menu
  • Prices include: buffet service, tablecloths and fine quality tableware 


Wedding Menu – Galilean Food Stands

8 designed food stands on top of white butcher-style buffets scattered around the venue

Special Salads – please choose 3

  • Light and refreshing cherry tomato salad with pinecones and mint leaves

  • Lettuce, mango and cranberries

  • Rocket (arugula) salad with orange slices and walnuts

  • Chinese cabbage salad with roasted sesame and sunflower seeds

Homemade Galilean Salads – please choose 4

  • Tabouli salad with pomegranate seeds

  • Smoked eggplant in the taboon oven

  • Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

  • Cherry tomatoes with seasoning herbs

  • Watercress with hyssop

  • Celery with walnuts

  • Spicy eggplant

  • Tahini with parsley

  • Hummus with pinecones

  • Finely chopped Arab vegetable salad

  • Cabbage with garlic and mint leaves

  • Fattoush salad with sumac

  • Lettuce and walnuts

  • Eggplant in tahini



Taboon Oven Stand – Mediterranean pastries – baked in front of the guests: hot, fresh and enhances the unique atmosphere.

  • Authentic, homemade pita bread in assorted flavors (“machmar” - a mildly spicy topping, hyssop, garlic and saffron)

  • Fatayer – small pita bread filled with chopped meat, sliced into tiny triangles

  • Safiha (mini meat pies) – thin dough stuffed with seasoned meat

  • Kubé stuffed with meat and pinecones.


Grilled Meat Stand

  • Homemade lamb kebab served on a cinnamon stick – a true delicacy!

  • Strips of succulent, seasoned chicken pullet steak.

  • Spring chicken stuffed with freekeh (green wheat)

  • Spicy sausages


Homemade Stews and Hot Sides – please choose 3

  • Galilean majadra, based on lentils, wheat groats, onions and olive oil

  • Mixed mansaf – lamb, beef and chicken on a bed of seasoned rice

  • Mini potatoes seasoned with olive oil and rosemary

  • Freekeh (green wheat) mixed with pinecones


3 Stuffed Vegetables

  • Zucchini stuffed with freekeh or rice

  • Vine leaves stuffed with rice

  • Stuffed cabbage with rice, garlic and mint leaves


Fresh Galilean Falafel

  • Fresh mini pita bread

  • Seasoned falafel balls

  • White / green tahini

  • Homemade pickles

  • Finely chopped Arab vegetable salad

  • Galilean hummus with chickpeas (garbanzo beans) and olive oil


Cold Beverage Bar:

Cold water, lemonade with mint leaves, orange juice


Hot Beverage Bar:

Prepared on an open fire and served in authentic copper kettles: black Bedouin coffee / herbal tea


Dessert Stand

An assortment of seasonal fruit, wet palm dates, baklava, homemade semolina cake


Extras at an additional cost:

  • High-quality espresso coffee cart

  • Soft drinks (Coca Cola and the like)

  • Cold boutique beer stand (homemade boutique beer)

  • Upgraded dessert menu